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About Us


Andorra is a small, safe and fabulously beautiful country. In the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, among the unique incredible nature, you can relax, escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and feel the real grace and joy, both from a quiet and active holiday. In Andorra, you can get a whole range of unforgettable experiences, because this country has first-class infrastructure and there is a lot of interesting things for tourists.

Residence «Valldincles.com»

For a complete holiday, you need a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which we are ready to provide you in our residence “Valldincles.com” which is located in the valley of Incles. This is the most sparsely populated area of the state, Canillo is the most picturesque place of the principality. As you move deeper into the valley, rich in flora and fauna, you can find pastures. This place is located between El Tarter and France, and its characteristic U – shape indicates a glacial origin. Here you can see the pristine beauty of the subalpine and Alpine landscapes and the mountain river (riu D’incles). The valley of the Incles is a rich ecosystem, accessible to all who want to experience real peace and serenity – always with the respect and care that the mountains so much need, because the natural heritage is a treasure that each of us should stand guard over.

Our goal is to provide our Guests with maximum comfort, the best personalized service in a calm and beautiful environment.

Our guests are adults and children, business people and tourists, married couples, every citizen of our country and the world!

Residence “Valldincles.com” is a private organization that started in 2021.

In our work, we are always guided by: our philosophy is to take care of our Guests, as they are our greatest value.

And our goals are to take the absolute leadership in terms of quality of first-class service in the hospitality industry.


To achieve our goals, the residence employs employees committed to the concept of continuous excellence.


The residence “Valldincles.com” is proud, appreciates and cares for its employees working in a dynamically developing young company and makes every effort to improve their professional skills.

  1. Home is where you are. We create this feeling of home with care, comfort and service.
  2. Warm memories are an ingredient for happiness.
  3. Andorra is the place where you will get the joy and experience of an unforgettable holiday.